Posted on 15 January, 2019 in Business Planning

What are SMART(ER) Goals?

What are SMART(ER) Goals?

Setting goals gives you purpose in life and business; goals direct our path towards achieving our hopes and dreams. Without goals we don’t move forward, even if you're happy in your current situation, your goals would be to maintain it at the very least.

Many people go through life without any goals, they kinda wander around like lost puppy’s waiting for someone to provide them with direction. What’s important to note here is that there is no satisfaction is achieving someone else goal; only your own.

Whether you're setting personal or business goals , you can create effective goals using the SMARTER framework.

What does SMART(ER) stand for in goal setting?

Previously it was all about setting SMART goals, now the new buzz word is SMATER, let me break it down for you.

S is for Specific

The more specific you can be about your goals the high likely hood you have of actually achieving it.

M is for Measurable

Effective goal setting means having a specific target and being able to measure your progress towards achieving it. After all, if you cannot measure you cannot succeed.

A is for Achievable

Achievable, don’t set yourself unrealistic expectations, this will only discourage you along the way, not saying don’t shoot for the stars with goal setting, but break those bigger goals into smaller achievable steps, small wins along the way will encourage you.

R is for Relevant

The goal needs to be in relevant to what you want to achieve, it should line up with your core values to avoid frustration.

T is for Time Bound

Set yourself a deadline. I like to start with 90 days action plans with a list of tasks which can be completed to kick start your goal slaying mission.

E is for Evaluate

Your goals and your progress towards achieving them every single day, reflect on your journey thus far to propel you forward, you will soon identify any procrastination issues.

R is for Readjust

If it’s not working out then readjust and start on a new path, maybe you need to readjust your approach, or maybe the goal needs to be more specific.

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