We might not be able to fly, but our bookkeeping team puts in a super human effort

Our elevator pitch

We get small business owners out of their books and back into their business by reducing the burden of book work. Our services will save you time, money, and unnecessary headaches. When you work with us, you'll rest easy knowing that everything from payroll to lodgements are being handled the right way.

Katherine Haines

Director, Bookkeeper & BAS Agent Katherine Haines

I started KHB Bookkeeping to help reduce the burden of book work and tax obligations on small business. Four years on, and three wonderful team mates added, KHB is quickly moving towards becoming the top referral partner with local accountants. I myself have over 10 years experience in the accounting, bookkeeping and financial planning industry. I have a passion for educating my clients and breaking down financial jargon.

Joanne Donnelly

Bookkeeper Joanne Donnelly

I'm your typical Territory chick, and provide a different perspective and unique skill set to KHB Bookkeeping. I have spent the majority of my working career in office and administration roles, recently taking on stock controlling. I know what it takes to run a small business. My ability to seek, organise, implement, and track ensures that all my clients are kept to task.

Stefanie Wise

Bookkeeper Stefanie Wise

Being a new mum, I understand how important work life balance is! Why continue to struggle with all the book work associated with running a business when you could be spending time with your family or doing the other things you enjoy? I have a great deal of experience in running the back office of any small business, and there is no bank reconciliation too big for me! My attention to detail and data entry accuracy ensues the job is done right the first time.

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