Posted on 25 July, 2018 in Small Business, Advice

My wife the Visionary

My husband isn’t one for writing blogs but I felt like I needed his voice to tell this story. We’ve compromised; I will tell the story but will quote the all important words, his words, that lead to this. So here’s his contribution…

“it’s because you’re a visionary”

Simple and to the point, but words that will stay with me forever.

My blog about brainstorming had recently been published and I had received wonderful feedback from some friends. I was telling Andrew how blown away I was with the response to the blog, and in that moment, he looked at me and said it was because I was a visionary.

I was taken back by his statement, it gave me a selfish amount of pride to hear my husband call me that. The ultimate compliment from the one person I strive to impress the most with my intelligence. This moment, be it small and unassuming to most (we were simply enjoying a few afternoon bevies on the back deck when he said it) has been a powerful moment in my life. Not only was I booming with pride, it made me self-evaluate. I had never considered myself in this category and suddenly I was faced with the idea that I had a vision and was actually executing it!!

Building a business is hard work and most of the time it’s pretty lonely, unless you’ve got a couple of voices in your head to entertain ideas and help problem solve. It’s so uplifting to receive positive feedback from outside sources, be it friends, family and clients. It’s only really then do you begin to appreciate what you have achieved. Until this moment I hadn’t quite realised how important it was to stop for a moment and give myself a pat on the back. Everything in me burst with joy at those simple words and spurred me on to success.

Thanks to this moment, and others like it, I consciously try to uplift and encourage other women to set goals and work towards their dreams, be it study, work, or new business ventures. I’ve realised that a few words of encouragement go a very long way, I continuously look to lift up other business owners like me. My husband will never quite appreciate how much he lifted me up that day and how grateful I am for it. So go out there today, smash your goals and always remember to lift up others. It’s those moments that define you, and stay with them for a lifetime.

Kath xx