Posted on 02 August, 2018 in Advice, Small Business, Top 5

4 amazing ways to stay organised

OK, I’ll admit it, I have a compulsive need for organisation and structure. I blame it on being a bookkeeper, with my days dedicated to scrupulous organisation. You can’t have a debit without a credit, and seeing accounts with $0.01 unreconciled drive me up the wall. That said, I also have this somewhat strange passion for organisation, something I suspect I was born with.

Organisation keeps me sane and I can say with my hand on my heart that I well and truly have my shit together. If you’re looking to do the same, here are my four amazing ways to stay organised…

Top tip 1 - Get a calendar that syncs between computer, tablet and phone; I personally use Outlook on Office 365. The syncing works really well when I schedule from my laptop. I generally plan 2-3 weeks at a time then use my iPhone and iPad to check in and keep me on track when I’m out of the office and away from my laptop.

Top tip 2 - Book out “me” time first. Our workload can get overwhelming and it becomes easy to make excuses to skip that yoga or group fitness session. I also schedule 2 days a week of no appointments so I can spend time doing fun things with my son. Your physical and mental health are you most important assets, if you don’t look after yourself you’re no good to anyone.

Top Tip 3 - Use reoccurring appointments. In my line of work, I usually complete the same work at the same time each month, by using the reoccurring appointment function you can set and forget.

Top Tip 4 - Be flexible. Shit happens and sometimes things need to be moved around to meet changing needs and time frames. Number one rule when this happens? DO NOT sacrifice that ‘me time’. Maybe you have to work a little past 5pm, no big deal, just try not to make it a regular occurrence.

I live and die by my calendar, it has become my most valuable tool. Organisation is often underrated and we tend to prioritise work over getting our schedules in order. Ultimately this will cost you. Spend the time to get it set up right, and then rest easy knowing you have finally got a grip on organisation, trust me, you will feel wonderful.

Kath xx