Posted on 28 June, 2018 in Small Business, Xero, Tips, Advice

Juggling business and babies

Mothers in business is a topic I am passionate about. I am telling you now, juggling business and babies is not an easy feat. Breastfeeding and Bookkeeping is a skill I had to learn, quick! Although there is a wealth of mothers out there who are fierce business women, I feel they are barely spoken of. I wanted to write something as homage to those mothers who haven’t chosen baby or business but have instead attempted to create a life where both are balanced. You can be a doting mother AND a successful entrepreneur, but sadly our world doesn’t often publicise this. Well here’s why it can work. For those on the brink of motherhood who might feel forced to choose…think again.

So what make mothers so kick-arse in business?


No one can dispute that the moment you become a mum you have no choice but to become a top multi-tasker. Being able to take crap and turn it in to roses is just one of our many talents. In business, you have to be able to change tact and diversify to keep up with the changing needs of your clients. Being adaptable and open to change will reduce wrinkles and grey hairs. Mums are very well trained in the art of this and when faced with a tough challenge, we smile knowing we have faced worse at 1am while changing our 3 month old in the dark.

Recognising fear and embracing it

Yep, if you’re not scared, you’re not doing it right. Fear is an emotion we must learn to accept and embrace as business owners. Fear is my biggest driver. Who remembers the absolute joy when you heard the news that you were going to be a mum for the first time?! Awesome, now who remembers the terrifying realisation a few hours later that YOU were going to be a mother(!) If mums ran away from the prospect of nappies and sleepless nights we wouldn’t all be the well-rounded humans we are today. Mothers learn very quickly to embrace fear, recognise the silliness some of those classic worries, and then turn it into excitement. That is one powerful skill, making you very well equipped for life as a business owner.


Having an organised calendar and a list of “stuff to do” comes naturally to most mums. I live and die by my calendar, if it’s not in there it didn’t happen. Mothers are great at maximising their “work time” because we all want to be present with our friends and family outside of business hours. Spending time with those we love becomes very important when you have a mini-you to think of too. There is no better motivation for being organised than the bliss of free time with your kids. The juggle is real people, my time is my most important asset and I ain’t wasting it for no one.

So if your stressed thinking your business career is over, stop and rethink. I know plenty of mothers who have also opted to take a year or two out with their kids and return once they felt ready. This works too. My main message is that being a mum is a HUGE valuable lesson in life that doesn’t make you less equipped for being a business owner (which seems to be an underlining message to often put out to the world) but instead gives you an amazing edge thanks to the kick-arse skills being a mum treats us to. Go and do business however you like, you will rock it!!

Kath xx