Posted on 19 June, 2018 in Xero, Tips, Superannuation, Small Business, Advice, Cash Flow, Banking, Employers, Express Bookkeeping, GST, PAYG

The world of Xero; navigating through it

My journey with Xero started 4 years ago. I still remember my first ever Xero client, a builder who had set up this new online accounting software and needed help with his bookkeeping. Being new in business myself, I was a ‘“yes” person (as we all are when we first start out). I thought to myself “it’s fine Kath, you got this, how hard can it be?”.

Skip forward to 2018; we now service over 140 small business clients using Xero. We were picked as Xero’s first “Gold” Bookkeeping Partner in the NT and I now advocate to all businesses to use this online tool. I can say with sincerity I jumped in feet first and have never looked back. No regrets!

So why do we love Xero?


Or should I say… Automagical! (sorry/not sorry). I love bookkeeping in my sleep. With automatic bank feeds and integrations with tools like Receipt Bank (which automatically extracts information from your customer’s receipts and invoices and matches it to Xero- woah!) most of the hard work is done without even having to get out of bed…so feel free to press that snooze button just one more time. Data entry is the biggest pain point for any bookkeeper but with the advances in AI, it is a thing of the past.

Anytime, anywhere.

Whether I’m sitting in my office on the laptop, iPad at the Kitchen table or mobile in the car while my child sleeps (yes, I’m sure most of you have been there) I can access Xero and keep the wheels of business turning. This is also the biggest ‘wow factor’ for my staff who juggle work and family commitments. Thanks to Xero I can help my team establish what I always work towards, a healthy work-life balance. Building a strong team is integral to any business and this amazing software has surprisingly enabled me to be a super boss and help my team achieve flexibility.

Auto Super

Paying superannuation has never been easier, manual clearing house is “soooo 2016 darling”. In my own business I pay the super each fortnight after the pay run is posted. No more freaking out at the end of the quarter and wondering how I’m going to pay the lump sum of super. This tool is a cash flow managers dream come true.

I’ve heard client’s express doubts and worries about Xero over the years. With any big shift in technology, it takes time to learn and trust a product- especially when it is so closely connected to your business. If you have your doubts, I hear you!! There is so much change around us and sifting through what is right and wrong for your business can give you a serious headache. To those of you with fears, trust in the professionals. My ethos is; if it’s been tried and tested by a trusted organisation- and they sing its praises, have faith in their expertise. Xero is the future; I say this with sincere passion for every small business owner’s success, get on board before you get left behind.

Kath xx