Posted on 20 September, 2018 in Advice, Employers, Small Business, Tips, Xero

YES, I want THAT accounting software. No, wait, do I?

Sound familiar? Deciding which accounting package to go for is a tough gig when you’re first starting out and have no idea. There are heaps of options out there. Often, you won’t know you’ve made the wrong choice until a few months in; suddenly you realise the software doesn’t have a specific functionality. Frustrating much?!

If you’re into research, you can spend weeks looking at each option and running free trials. But, seriously, who has time for that? Save yourself a headache and seek advice from an accounting professional. Most have played with lots of different software options and can use previous client’s experiences as a helping guide. Depending on what business you’re in, each different accounting product has its pros and cons.

To lay testament to this, even as an experienced bookkeeper I have made switches between software. After spending ten years dedicated to MYOB, I started working with Xero online account and never looked back. Time moves on and technology changes and if your software doesn’t reflect this, then move on to one that does. Feeling loyal to a program because you’ve used it for years is a fool’s game. Always search for what is best for your business rather than what is most comfortable. Technology is fantastic these days, and it’s most likely you’ll quickly adapt to a new program quickly.

For the tech-savvy tradie, Xero is the only way to go. Team it up with an awesome job manager like serviceM8 or Tradify and BOOM your bookkeeping in your sleep. I recommend Xero for all business types. With so many partner programs and software that aim to make your life easier by integrating with Xero, it’s hard to not opt for this program. That said, shop around and always ask advice from your peers. You need to trust that your software works FOR you.

If you’re reading this looking bleakly at paper diaries, and missing notes, all while forgetting to invoice clients, take stock and come and see us. KHB can set you up with fully integrated accounting and job management system (which I promise sounds scarier than it is!). The world is pressing forward, you need to keep up, and we can help you do this.

Kath xx