Posted on 19 February, 2020 in

What I love about my job

By Justine Tillack

It seems to be our life ambition to find what we love to do and how we can earn a living doing it.

I guess if we are going to work for most our lives, we will enjoy it more and it wont seem like work if we have that passion driving us.

Back in year 10 when I went to a Career expo, all I knew was that I was good at maths but otherwise I had no idea what I wanted to do with that skill for a future career.

I walked around and got flyers from career stands, but nothing stood out.

Some people have such passion and know immediately what they want to do.

I don’t think at the age of 15 I even knew what a bookkeeper was!

I finished high school and was accepted to do Marine Biology in QLD, but my parents persuaded me to take a gap year to really figure out my path.

After my gap year I decided my fear of swimming in the ocean might inhibit my success as a marine biologist, so I went to Charles Darwin University and completed a Batchelor of Business. I figured it covered a range of subjects and it would be a good start off point.

After which I followed the job offers getting lots of various experience, and it seemed there was a trend strongly emerging as every job was just another version of maths and numbers. Hotel manager, Pearl Inventory, Fuel scheduler, Office manager….numbers.

I joined KHB as a bookkeeper after having my first child, so I could work flexible hours and still be able to raise my daughter.

Now I realize that numbers and bank recs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for me the satisfaction of matching a bank statement was initially what I absolutely loved about the job.

As the years have gone by and I have got to know my clients and their businesses a bit more, I learned about their processes and cash flow, and I discovered that most clients felt they struggled with paying each quarterly BAS and keeping up on staff Superannuation.

These can be big business expenses that quietly accrue in the background and can be a nasty shock at the end of each month/quarter.

This got me thinking, what could I do to help my clients?

Then I had an idea!

For those who wanted help we implemented a saving strategy. I would send a quick email each week or month end and advise the total GST, payroll tax and Super the business had accrued in the days since the last report.

They would then save that amount to a separate bank account.

This meant at the end of each quarter these clients had the exact funds they needed to pay the BAS and Superannuation.

It was amazing to see how it changed their money priorities in their businesses, and how thankful they were to be on top of the large expenses.

So after many years and jobs, I have discovered that seeing the stress relief of my clients, and each of them each gain some financial control, is what gives me the greatest job satisfaction… date.