Posted on 08 November, 2019 in

Using the right tool for the right job

Trades people understand the importance of using the right tool for the right job, and when it come to running a thriving business, cloud based apps are becoming an essential tool.

Benefit of cloud apps

  • Access real time information on the go
  • Spend less time on manual data entry
  • 30% faster revenue growth
  • Streamline quotes and take payments on the spot

Top things to consider when choosing the right app for the job

  • Goals; what are you trying to achieve in the short term? Do you want to improve internal efficiency or grow your business?
  • Job Type; do you undertake a high volume of small jobs or larger projects which take longer to complete?
  • Pain Point; is there a specific pain point which needs to be addressed?
  • What's the current financial health of the business?
  • Current employee numbers; are you wanting to grow the staff numbers?
  • Are there any existing tools in use; what version of Xero are you using?
  • Technology proficiency; how experienced are you and the team at using technology? Do you have a dedicated IT support person?