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Recap of Xerocon Brisbane 2019

Recap of Xercon Brisbane 2019 by Justine Tillack

Xerocon Brisbane 2019 was my second Xerocon that I have attended.

After my first in 2018 I had high expectations.

But I think I was slightly euphoric on my first trip, being my first 3 days away from my children in 4 years.

This year I went hoping to be more confident in who I am and what I do, talk to App partners to seek information for my clients, and meet some new people.

When we arrived at Xerocon day 1 the set up did not disappoint. The bright colour areas in the App arena made it very easy to find people. All the fun areas like a lolly shop, a nail salon, and smoothie making bikes just reminded me of how youthful and fun Xero is.

The new main stage with the multi level auditorium and comfortable seats was a wonderful enhancement on last years seating arrangements!

It became clear early on through the speeches that this year had a very big focus on mental health, which I thought was a very bold and important step for Xero.

As bookkeepers and accountants we have an Insight into the lives of so many business owners, and so it is very important that we learn the fragility of every person no matter what stage of life or job level, the signs that we can look for, and know that support is available.

I absolutely loved the New Zealand touches to the conference, embracing the Xero origin. Having a kiwi family I wore my Pounamu (Greenstone) with pride.

I found the atmosphere to be similar to university. Everyone attended the main keynote speeches, but after that it was like a choose your own adventure. The mini stages and App arena were then there for you to come and go, and learn whatever you thought would be advantageous.

Sitting through mini stage sessions by myself I found it easy to meet fellow attendees, and really enjoyed learning about how other people structure their businesses.

My favourite App was actually the Cloud Integrator. Talking to them about clients needs; I found their knowledge of Apps to be a great help, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to start incorporating apps into their business.

Now Xerocon is over for another year, I'm excited to see what Sydney 2020 can bring.