Posted on 08 November, 2019 in

Improve Workflow

Ditch the paper diary and get yourself an ipad!

Cloud job management solutions can;

  • Allow you to manage jobs and communicate with field staff on the go.
  • Allow you to quote and invoice onsite, also capture client signatures on quote acceptance.
  • Record notes, take photos and videos of work being undertaken, also great if you need supporting info for a quote variation.
  • Take payments on site! (my favourite function)

Other benefits to cloud workflow solutions

  • Get instant job/project updates
  • Gain profitability insights on your jobs
  • Have a central place to manage new customer leads and quote
  • Implement automated customer reminders
  • View and manage your sales pipline.

Apps for trade business

The app marketplace can be overwhelming, there are so many great solutions out there; here are just a few.

  • Workflow Max
  • Servicem8
  • SimPro
  • Fergus
  • Tradify