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Are you juggling work and kids?

Do you have a young family and work from home? I know that pain. My experience was almost ignorant bliss in the beginning. Initially, my gorgeous boy just slept all day, lulling me into a false sense of security. Then he started to crawl. Before I knew it, I’m saying “sh#t where’s the baby?” Geez, they move fast.

Trying to focus on a task while you have a little being trying to crawl up your leg isn’t easy. It’s something I am managing though, so here are my top tips for staying focused while working from home and wrangling with a child:

Set small achievable goals - There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the day feeling like you have achieved nothing. It’s a real downer. By writing a small to do list in the morning, you can high 5 yourself each time you cross off one of those tasks. Yes, OK, I admit to occasionally writing down tasks already completed, just to have the satisfaction of crossing off the list. That is undoubtedly a testament to the endorphins it sends to your brain!!

Don’t procrastinate - Just do it! Like the Nike slogan, have it as your computer background or stuck on the wall in front of you, whatever works. I get so angry at myself when I procrastinate tasks. Why, why, why do I put myself through it?! Be better than me and don’t procrastinate!

Set an automatic email reply - When you are at home working and raising a family, you’re not always available during business hours. By setting an automated email reply, you are setting the expectations of clients. It readily informs the sender that their email is essential; however, it’s nap time…OK maybe don’t actually write that bit but send the message ‘do not disturb’ if, like me, your child won't sleep unless he’s ON you.

Don’t be too hard on yourself - Try to accept the fact that life is life and things will not always go your way. While you try your hardest, you’re not always going to meet everyone’s expectations.

Another highly valued tip is the cloud, which gives you the flexibility to work anytime anywhere; a huge advantage. However, I say this tip with a warning. I’m that mum at the park, checking emails on my phone while trying to stop my kid from kamikaze off the highest platform. Yes be flexible but don’t be accessible 24/7, you’re days will merge, and without boundaries, you’ll forget to schedule in the fun times.

All that said, I still have my off days. Huge hats off to those parents working from home, it’s a tough gig. All of this is trial and error, we can't all get it right all of the time.

Kath xx

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