Posted on 28 May, 2018 in Advice, Tips

3 simple steps to make that awesome idea a reality

Ever had a great idea, a light bulb moment, an amazing thought that will mean awesome results for your business?! And then the kids ask for their favourite episode of ‘The Wiggles’ and it’s totally forgotten? Me too.

That’s why brainstorming has proven to be the greatest technique I have ever learnt. It takes that awesome idea, works through the practical steps of achieving it and then, hey presto, we are in business! To get there, however, we need to ensure your environment is perfect for facilitating your inner genius. You will need;

  • Wine (many bottles)
  • Whiteboard and white board markers
  • A reasonable person to consume wine with (priority) and help with ideas (oh yes, this too)

Sorted the wine? Good, let’s get started.

Step 1

Create 4 quarters by drawing a line down and across the centre of the whiteboard

Step 2

Add the following headings to each quarter; What, Why, How, When.

Step 3

Consume enough wine to encourage the creative juices and start populating each quarter.

Great stuff, now let’s tackle the quarters one by one…

What: What is your idea? Keep it simple, condense it down to a few words and write it clearly in the 1st quarter of the white board.

Why: Why is this achieving this so important to you? If you can’t find solid reasons, then it will fail. Yes, this is super blunt, but seriously if you can’t find your ‘why’ you will feel little commitment to your idea. Soon enough ‘The Wiggles’ will return into your life and you will prioritise recording ‘The Bachelor’ over working towards that goal. Fall in love with your idea, and working on it will come naturally.

How: How are you going to achieve this goal? There’s always more than one way to skin a cat... at this point the wine is kicking in and the creative juices are flowing nicely. List all ideas, good, crazy and stupid. They might not look so stupid tomorrow.

When: Set some reasonable timeframes on your ‘how’ items, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take your time and revisit the whiteboard every few days to remind yourself of your ‘why’.

Change is never easy or seamless. There will always be hurdles to overcome and tweaks will need to be made along the way. The point is, you’ve made a start! That idea is flourishing because you sat down and worked it out step by step. Stay focused on the end game, it’s worth it.

Kath xx