Posted on 20 May, 2014 in Top 5, Small Business

Top 5 Things to Expect from Your Bookkeeper


It’s hard to find the diamond in the rough, if you have a current contract bookkeeper, rate them against the below points…. Does your Bookkeeper stack up?

1. Prompt and Timely, Does your bookkeeper rock up when they say are going to? Does your bookkeeper encourage you to be timely and make you aware of lodgement deadlines?

2. Education, does your bookkeeper educate you on how your business is running, and help improve your financial literacy? Do they help you understand what the key performance indicators are help you identify efficiency improvements?

3. Relationships, does your bookkeeper have a strong relationship with your accountant?

4. Communication, does you bookkeeper communicate with you regularly and keep you up to date?

5. Competency, is you bookkeeper competent? You can usually tell by the number of letters you receive from the ATO as to whether your bookkeeper is doing a good job or if you have a dud?

If your bookkeeper is not stacking up against these basic expectations and you would like to explore other options give KHB Darwin a call on 0402 743 113 and we can work out a tailored service package.