Posted on 06 September, 2018 in Advice, Cash Flow, Employers, Small Business, Xero, Tips

KHB Advisory – Giving clients better business insights

For business owners reconnecting with their ‘why’ can propel them to the next level of business success. Earlier this year we launched KHB Advisory. Using business insights and some fancy analytical tools we can help our clients set goals and track progress. I have been able to help clients reconnect with their ‘why’, create clear milestones, and track performance in a more meaningful way.

So what do we cover under the ‘Advisory’ banner?

Forecasting - Based on last year’s performance we can build a forecast to get an idea of where your business is heading. It allows us to identify issues early and set a plan in place to mitigate last year’s mistakes.

Cash flow - We help our clients gain an understanding of how cash rolls through their business. By setting you up with our awesome tools, we can track cash accumulation with the aim to see the closing bank account balance increase every month.

Business Planning - where are you heading and what are your goals? The initial meeting is all about uncovering just this. We discuss both financial and non-financial goals in detail. Why do you get out of bed each day, what’s your end game? Do you really want to be in the same place, same time next year? Stripping it all back and asking the right questions can help you remember why you started your business. It’s a fantastic way to evaluate progress and reflect on your journey thus far.

Debt reduction - we can help set realistic debt reduction strategies that won’t break the bank. By breaking the debt down into smaller weekly chunks, it has less impact on cash flow.

All of this combined creates a strategic plan like no other. Instead of treading water, business owners can see what the future holds and how they intend to get there. It is incredible to see what this does to the client’s motivation levels; significantly increasing their grip on the business.

The impact of a real strategic plan is enormous. It’s only until you sit down and address those things troublesome tasks, do you realise how heavy the weight on your shoulders really was. If you would like to find out more about how cash flow and forecasting can help your business, contact Kath at KHB.

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Kath xx